Monday, September 22, 2014


Since I find it hard to say things in 140 words or less, I don't use Twitter very often! But I do have a Twitter account: @MsgrGNS.

For some reason, I tweeted twice today on different subjects.  One was a link to a blog post by Dr. Edward Peters, the American canonist whose arguments I invariably find convincing and clear. He makes some very fundamental observations about the annulment process here. They are timely in late of the recent announcement that Pope Francis has created a small commission to review that subject.

The other was a post from blogger Julia Smucker, who is responding to one from a Jesuit on the subject of praying in response to the increasing evil of the daily news. I think praying directly in the face of evil sounds like a challenge we should take up, painful though it may be.  

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