Sunday, August 11, 2013

Follow up on "Gay Pride"

At the end of last week's homily, I shared an e-mail--occasioned by the Gay Pride Parade--from a parishioner who lives chastely with same-sex attraction. It prompted a very warm reaction to his words from a number of folks in the parish and much support for him.

When I spoke about Church teaching on homosexuality last yearon the Sunday when the parade was held, I mentioned the blogger Steve Gershom, who accepts and defends that teaching while dealing with SSA himself. Steve Gershom was the pseudonym he used to protect his privacy.

"Steve" has now identified himself publicly as Joey Prever in a bold but humorous post. It's well worth a read, especially for those trying to understand Catholic teaching on homosexuality in a positive way.

Congratulations, Joey, for your fortitude and fidelity. God bless you!

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